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lens based collage artist based in new york city

currently studying at ICP

"Jensen's photo collage juxtaposes the intersection of memory, identity, and representation. Historically, photography has been used as a mechanism to solidify the representation of social identity in a fixed framework. Jensen's work informs the fragmented representation of photography. While layering the complexity and fluid state of representation, Jensen questions the one-dimensional and polarized approach to information disruption and reception. Jensen captures her subject during a sequence of suspended moments. Her visuospatial collage creates depths by layering these sequences and connecting these discounted motions in an attempt to break the fixed frame of the social identity of photography. This visual composition mirrors an illogical thought pattern, like a memory glitch. Jensen's collages construct life-scale figures as the ghostly memory of one’s identity that haunts the mind."

-written by Barbie Kim, NY-based curator 

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